Split 7" with Delos

by Yusuke

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Recorded and mixed by S. Decker at Yoguwit Studios
Artwork & design by Micha/schwarzer.rand (schwarzerrand.tumblr.com)


released December 1, 2013

Carucage, Friendly Otter, and Off Cloud Nine released this in the USA.
Pike and React with Protest released this in Germany.
La Agonia de Vivir released this in Spain.
Slow Riot released this in the UK.

We love Delos.


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Yusuke Illinois


Tyler is really into Resurrectionists.
Tony is really into Honeywell.
Ryan is really into Louise Cyphre.
Matt is really into Dead in the Dirt.

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Track Name: Oversexed/Overstressed
You lie in my head but awake in my heart. To have a moment with you is to have everything I ever wanted, to imagine myself with you is to wish for a better life. But my life is over. It ended the day I met you. I knew from that day, I would never be happy.

Your love is meant for another, that smile will never be for me, those eyes will never say my name, and our hearts will never be one.

I see our lives together and it’s beautiful. So beautiful I could cry just like the night before.
You’re my hope and you’re my drive. You’re the feeling in my chest that tomorrow will be better.
I have so much to say to you but it doesn’t even kind of compare to how much I would do for you.

Yeah, this is love because love is hurting and wanting to be someone else.

You’re my downfall. My end of days.
Track Name: My Spirit Gun Is Non-Computational
Track Name: You Already Blew Out The Candle...
The weight of past generations lies upon my head and the burden of the future in my sight.
Where do I begin now? You gave everything just to take away. My innocence robbed and forgetting what life was before.
From this day forward, I can no longer view you the same. You showed me the truth just to lose my trust. How dare you take away my whole fucking life and make me worry for yours?

I am no longer the son, I am on my own. I crave your love but I don’t want it. Can’t let you back in, you scare me. This house is filled with miserable strangers and my mind is cluttered with people I can’t remember.
I beg and beg for you to stop but I know I’ll never get my family back. Who knows if you’ll be there in the morning? I embrace only for you to push away. Can someone teach me how to let someone love?

My father’s tears in my hands. My mother’s embrace in my thoughts. My family forever broken.

I miss you every fuckng day!

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